Stamped Frosting began as a way to express my creativity and stay at home to raise my two little beauties

I've always loved to create.
But after having my two little ladies, creating was more about crafting with a two year old and less about letting my creative light out.

I discovered hand stamped jewelry one night when looking for a special keepsake with my girls names on it. I loved the look of the hand stamped jewelry I was seeing. But the creative itch inside me drove me to create my own.

I dove in, head first and ordered supplies - discovering the amazing look, affordability and quality of stainless steel on the way.
I fell in LOVE with the process. The hand made, imperfectly perfect look of stamping each letter on shiny steel. Combining it with colours and textures using stone and crystals.
I loved creating new designs, looking for something just a little different than the other family necklaces I was seeing.
And then I discovered vintage silverware....and I was hooked

I hope I can create something special for you someday.
And I love a challenge. So feel free to ask about creating something different - if you have an idea, I'd love to try and make it a reality.

Thank you for letting me create.

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